Atomic Heart DLC#2 Trapped in Limbo Launch Trailer

Experience the contrast of Atomic Heart’s worlds with new insane gameplay.
Return to the mad world of Limbo, continue the story, and, with the help of the Twin’s essence, get through the combat extravaganza and Limbo-flavored challenges!
Trapped in Limbo DLC#2 is available now.

Rules have changed. Trapped in Limbo DLC#2 picks up right where the main game ends, exploring a different ending from the first Annihilation Instinct DLC#1. Return to a mysterious Limbo world, meticulously created by the brilliant mind of Artem Galeev and venture into new sections of this twisted world brimming with fan-favorite challenges with a unique Limbo flavor. Along with the help of the Twin’s essence, guide P-3 through dizzying obstacles, unravel the secrets of his past and the enigmatic world of Limbo, and engage in a true combat extravaganza with uniquely designed opponents and weapons.

Collect apples to unlock skills and weapons and gold coins to access up to 7 unique weapon skins for use in the main campaign!

Russian Trailer Atomic Heart DLC#2 Узник Лимбо Релизный трейлер

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