Call of Duty Black Ops 6 Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Black Ops 6 releasing worldwide on Friday October 25 2024.

πŸ’₯ All-new campaign set in the Gulf War era
πŸ—ΊοΈ 12 new 6v6 maps & 4 new strike maps at launch
🧟 Return of Round-based Zombies

πŸ’₯ Initial Intel: Campaign: The Black Ops 6 Campaign takes players to a new point in time – the early 1990s. In true Black Ops fashion, the fictional story builds on the history of the time, thrusting you into a strange and clandestine conspiracy where a shadowy force has infiltrated the U.S. government. Anyone who resists is branded as a traitor, forcing players to go rogue for the first time to fight the very machine that created them. Nothing is what it seems, and the truth may be hard to fathom, drawing you ever deeper into intrigue, distrust, and mind-bending psychological revelations. This is true, signature Black Ops style.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Initial Intel: Multiplayer: Offering a massive amount of content at launch, expect 16 brand new Multiplayer maps on Day One, including 12 Core 6v6 maps and four small-sized Strike maps, the latter of which are unique, stand-alone locations designed to be played in 2v2 or Face Off 6v6 matches. Multiplayer is also where you’ll test your skills and learn how to move like an action hero, with innovations like Omnimovement – allowing you to sprint, slide and dive in any direction – as well as Intelligent Movement (sprinting, mantling, and crouch assists allowing you to focus on achieving incredible and complex maneuvers with ease), increased enemy hit zones, an incredible lineup of gear, HUD optimizations, and the return of Theater Mode and Classic Prestige!

🧟 Initial Intel: Round-Based Zombies: Black Ops 6 also marks the epic return of Round-Based Zombies, the fan-favorite mode where players will take down hordes of the undead. Expect two brand-new maps at launch, and an impressive number of secrets to discover.

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