YouTube Content ID Improved

New YouTube Content ID

YouTube developed a new solution that will allow videos to earn revenue while a Content ID claim is being disputed.
Monetization during Content ID disputes is enabled when both the video creator and the Content ID claimant want to monetize the video. You can dispute a Content ID claim at any time. If you choose to dispute within the first 5 days of receiving it, we will hold revenue generated on that video from the first day the Content ID claim was placed. If you choose to dispute a Content ID claim after 5 days of the original claim, we will start holding the revenue on the date the dispute is made.

Throughout the dispute process, we’ll hold the revenue separately and, once the dispute is resolved, we’ll pay it out to the appropriate party.

At each stage of the Content ID dispute process, there are several actions that can be taken by you or the claimant. Click on each stage below to learn more about what happens to the revenue with each possible action.

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